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How & When to Order / 주문방법

케익 주문은 2일전에 주문을 하셔야 원하시는 날짜에 맞춰 드릴 수 있습니다. 픽업 하실 날의 케익 주문량에 따라 가능여부가 결정 되기에 늦게 주문하시게 되는 경우 가게로 문의 부탁드립니다. 케익 주문은 베이커리로 직접 전화 주셔서 주문 하시면 됩니다: 070-4115-8388 (월 - 토).


You can place your order by submitting an Online Cake Order Form. To ensure availability, orders should be completed at least 2 business days in advance. For special requests and late accommodations, please call the bakery directly. Phone: 070-4115-8388 (Mon - Sat).

Payment Method / 결제

주문케익 결제는 최소 2일 전에 완료되어야 합니다. 계좌이체로 결제를 완료하실 수 있습니다. 

Payment must be completed at least 2 business days before the scheduled pick-up time for the order to be accepted. Once the payment is complete, we will send a confirmation text message. Orders may be automatically cancelled if payment is not received within 2 business days of pick up time. Wire transfer to the following account:

신한은행 Shinhan Bank:

100-035-214431 ((주)플랜트)

Pick-up location & time / 픽업 장소 날&시간

주문하신 케익은 플랜트 에서 직접 픽업 하셔야 합니다. 주문하실때 픽업하실 날짜 시간와 장소를 명확하게 말씀 해 주시길 바랍니다.

Please specify the date and approximate time, and location you would like to pick up your order. We prepare the cake based on your estimated pick up time, so that you receive the freshest cake possible. 

이태원 본점 / Itaewon Branch

용산구 보광로 117 2층 플랜트

월 - 일 Tues - Sun 11am - 10pm (월요일 휴무 Closed on Mondays)


연남점 / Yeonnam Branch

마포구 동교동 197-32 1층 플랜트

화 - 일 Tues - Sun 11am - 10pm (월요일 휴무 Closed on Mondays)

모든 케익은 케익박스에 포장이 되며 요청하시면 초도 제공해 드립니다. 

All cakes are packaged in a bakery cake box. A plastic cake knife and candles can be provided only upon request. 

Wedding Cakes & Catering Inquiries

For consultation on wedding cakes, tier cakes, catering, wholesale ordering, please call the baking studio directly, and we will be happy to assist you. Orders must be completed 7 days before the pickup day. 



We offer various sizes for tier cakes, but our basic 2-tier cake size and pricing is as follows:


Top Tier: 1호 (15cm/6inch round)  x 2layer cake, 1 layer of filling

Base Tier: 2호 (20cm/8inch round) x 2layer cake,1 layer of filling

Clean, simple, minimalistic frosting on the outside. Cake flavor of choice.

36 wedding cake servings


For decorations such as fresh flowers or specific frosting/piping designs, there will be additional charge, starting at 30,000won minimum.

Before calling for your wedding cake or catering consultation, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Number of servings required

  • Flavor(s) desired

  • Photos of desired style of cake. 

  • Date of event / time of pickup

  • Self-pickup or delivery (additional 30,000won minimum for delivery within Seoul)

Thank you!

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